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Feels Good

It feels to good to support your favorite cause all by being good to yourself



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Product Safety

Our products are independently vetted, rated, and certified by third-party consumer protection nonprofits, allowing consumers to quickly access the healthiest products on the market for humans and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

With net-zero carbon production and transportation, we place the eco-friendliest product in the hands of our eco-conscious consumer.

Socially Responsible

AllPeople empowers the 99% through our customer and employee owned marketplace. We give back 5% of each purchase to any nonprofit of the customer’s choice.

Giving back is the heart of our vision

AllPeople empowers consumers to purchase the most human and environmentally friendly products while empowering non-profit organizations with the funds necessary to continue and expand their missions. We give back an astounding 10 times more than other cause marketing organizations.

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